Welcome to Five!

I wish I could promise to inundate you with emails-- to send amazing ideas about sex, crafts, kids, school, discipline and marriage every day of the week to inspire you and help you to be the best mom, wife and friend you can be.  But I can barely find time to take a shower, much less write emails.  So I'm keeping this simple:  You'll get one email a month, on the 5th of each month, at 5 am, with 5 things that I think will help make your life just a little bit simpler, a little bit snazzier and a little bit more fun.

Thanks for signing up!


P.S.  As a bonus, I'll send you a free printable PDF entitled '8 Ways to Find Time for Sex When You Have Kids' as soon as you subscribe so you can get started on that whole 'a bit more fun' thing right away.

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